Raul Enmanuel / Simbolo en la jungla Presentato da Mla Gallery

Raul ENMANUEL - Simbolo en la jungla

Presentato da Mla Gallery

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    56,0 x 76,0 cm / 22.0 x 29.9 in
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    56,0 x 76,0 cm / 22.0 x 29.9 in
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Raul ENMANUEL - Simbolo en la jungla

Acrylic, charcoal, modeling paste, and natural fibers, on 140 lb. Arches Aquarelle paper, with deckled edges.

This is a wonderful example of Enmanuel's command of the paper medium. His texture, compositions, and technical mastery continue to astound. This is his latest work, and though his symbology tends toward the abstract, he has hinted that these paintings are representative of feminine, divine beings of a benevolent, and supportive nature. Much of his work employs the palm jungle as a basis for the profound symbology of the work. There is great power in these paintings, and the forms, symbols, and figures in the end, compose these lovely abstract, tropical landscapes, that he has become known for. Though there are points of reference to be found in these works, the work has become entirely his own. There are several more images from this series available.

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