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    46,0 x 40,0 cm / 18.1 x 15.7 in
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    Catalogue of Printed Editions 1949-1991 by Victor Vasarely pag 49
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In order to create the optical patterns he imagined, Vasarely used perpendicular lines for the foundation of his designs. His first Op Art painting, L’Echequier, or Chess Board, was done in 1935. L’Echequier is a painting of an infinite chess board, with chess pieces scattered within the board. The chess board continued to appear in his work, and not just as the underpinning. In 1979, Vasarely created a square chess board with an Op Art screenprinted playing surface, raised on cruciform base, with set of clear and frosted acrylic chess pieces. The set was reproduced in limited edition.
The works during 1930-1944 tend to be figurative and graphic. A prime example is L’Echiquier (The Chessboard), 1935. This painting imitates the form and color of a chessboard which Vasarely distorted to appear three-dimensional.

work made in 1935 and published in 1969 with album Descarte -Vasarely
limited edition in 138 exemplars in cardinal numbers on BFK paper
Current exemplar numbered as: 136/138
paper size: 46 x 40 cm
image size: 32,2 x 22,4 cm

Excellent conditions, This work comes from it original folder and never been framed

Folder not included
A copy of the publication and a regular certificate of authenticity will be included

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