Salvador Dali / Don Quixote seated - Don Quichotte assis (Clot collection) Presentato da - Gallery D.& H. Goossens

Salvador DALI - Don Quixote seated - Don Quichotte assis (Clot collection)

Presentato da - Gallery D.& H. Goossens

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    18,0 x 5,5 cm / 7.1 x 2.2 in
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    25,0 x 9,0 cm / 9.8 x 3.5 in
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    Su richiesta
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    #439 (LDaliO2018)
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Salvador DALI - Don Quixote seated - Don Quichotte assis (Clot collection)

Bronze sculpture, signed and numbered, titled (Don Quixote seated) circa 1972.
- Bronze, technique of the lost wax.
- Gilded patina.
- Editor: 2049 Obra Contemporanea Editor, Spain.
- Foundry: Fonderia Bonvicini, Verone, Italy.
- The sculpture has Dali's signature and the edition number impressed in the bronze, is mounted on a marble base (7x 9x 9 cm).

This artwork is referenced in The catalogue "DALI, Sculptures & Objets, The Hard and the Soft" by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes, editions Eccart 2004. Page 173 illustration #439.


Salvador Dali - Las Esculturas 1969 - 1976.
This Collection was modeled in wax at the artist's home in Port Lligat, Spain from 1969 to 1976 and acquired by his friend Isidro Clot.

(Don Quixote seated) circa 1972.
This bronze was Dali's first sculpture of the 'Knight with the sorrowful figure' and shows Don Quixote seated on a modest chair in a country inn, reading about the exploits of his heroes which fuellled his dreams and adventures.
Dali portrayed the characters from Cervantes' masterpiece many times in drawings, watercolours and engravings. He provided illustrations for three editions of the work in 1946, 1957 and 1964.

CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: A Certificate of Authenticity is accompanied with this piece, delivered by "2049 Obra Contemporanea EDITOR"

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Sculpture en bronze, signée et numérotée, intitulée (Don Quichotte assis) circa 1972.
- Bronze, technique de la cire perdue.
- Patine dorée.
- Editeur: 2049 Obra Contemporanea Editor, Espagne.
- Fonderie: Fonderia Bonvicini, Verone, Italy.
- La sculpture porte la signature de Dali et le numéro d'édition appliqué dans le bronze, elle est montée sur un socle en marbre ( 7x 9x 9 cm).

Cette oeuvre est référencée dans le catalogue "DALI, Sculptures & Objets, Le Dur et Le Mou" par Robert et Nicolas Descharnes, éditions Eccart 2003. Page 173 Illustration #435.


Salvador Dali - Las Esculturas 1969 - 1976.
Cette collection a été modelée en cire dans la maison de l'artiste Port Lligat, en Espagne de 1969 à 1976 et acquise par son ami Isidro Clot.

(Don Quichotte assis) circa 1972.
Première sculpture modelée par Dali du « Chevalier à la triste figure », ce bronze représente Don Quichotte assis sur une modeste chaise d'auberge de campagne lisant les exploits de ses héros, principale source de ses rêveries et aventures.
Dali a représenté maintes fois les personnages du chef-d'œuvre de Cervantès en dessins, aquarelles et gravures. Il a illustré l'ouvrage trois fois en 1946, 1957 et 1964.

CERTIFICAT D'AUTHENTICITÉ: Un Certificat d'Authenticité accompagne cette oeuvre, délivré par "2049 Obra Contemporanea EDITOR"

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